Copywriting 101

Do you know how very important content is to your website?

  • Is your content appropriate for your market? The right content can draw the right people to your site based on keywords and the quality of the work you showcase.
  • Are your pages broken into sections with bullets and highlights? Lots of words without bullet points and lists can bore your readers, and they will leave your site.
  • Are your pages and blog posts easy to read and understand? Writing that is too technical or specific can drive your audience away.

Here are some things I am passionate about:

  • Content that is free from errors.
  • Content that is engaging and interesting to the average reader.
  • Content that does not have a cookie-cutter approach but has a voice that speaks to your niche, agency, and/or business.
  • Content that is lengthy enough to keep Google happy.
  • Content that is not copied but is fresh, engaging, and better than your competitors.

I have worked with content copy long enough to know what is engaging and what is not. While there are some definite guidelines, your site and firm must be considered from a unique perspective. That’s why I don’t believe in streamlining my services. Let me help you find what is best for you.


In order to help you, I will need to learn about your products and services. After some conversation about what you want and need, I can create a plan for your content that will provide you with the answers you’ve needed. Please note that my business at Capstone Digital Marketing has grown to the place where I no longer do copywriting. However, I have an excellent team who helps me, and I am involved in the process from start to finish.

Contact me today at to learn how I can help you with your content needs!

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